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Press brake forming is a technique that is used to form sheet metal into custom shapes including solid boxes and channels. The press brake utilizes a punch and a die to create predetermined shapes into the sheets with a quick, controlled push.


Our approach enables us to take your exact specifications and bend various sizes of sheet metal around those specifications. This means you no longer have to settle for what is easily  accessible, but now conform materials to your needs for optimum results.

Transform sheet metal into custom creations

When you have identified the need for a custom product, you shouldn't have to wait around to have that need fulfilled. We can take care of your custom press brake forming with fast turnaround and reliable delivery whether you want one item or an entire production run. Our services are second to none in the Northern Michigan area.


Call us today to discuss your press brake forming project so we can explain our solutions - and we'll give you a FREE estimate.

Get your materials when you need them

Don't take time out of your busy schedule to come pick up your items. Call to ask about delivery throughout Northern Michigan.

Square Steel worker transforming metal